What is Beach Ultimate?

Beach Ultimate is a team sport played in three formats: Open (men), Women, and Mixed (co-ed). Each team has 5 players on the field and the objective is to score points by catching the flying disc (Frisbee™) in the endzone of the opponent (similar to American Football). The team that first scores 13 points, or the team that has scored most points after 45 minutes, wins.

The disc can be thrown from one player to another in any direction but players in possession of the disc are not allowed to run. They must establish a pivot foot (like in basketball) and throw to a teammate.


Defense is like basketball as well: defenders try and stay close to the offenders and block the disc. Once a disc in intercepted or touches the ground the teams switch from defense to offense and vice versa.

Physical contact is generally considered a foul. When a player is fouled he/she will call ‘Foul’ and the play stops. If the opponent agrees, the fouled-upon player gets the disc and the play continues. If not, the disc goes back to the thrower. (see ‘self-refereeing’)

The full rules are more elaborate, but this should get you started. Find out where you can play.

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