Rules and Spirit

Beach Ultimate is played in three formats: Open (men), Women, and Mixed (co-ed). In addition to the regular divisions where there are no age limits on the players, there are also Master (W30+/M33+), Grandmaster (40+), and Great GrandMaster (50+) divisions.

BULA recognizes two different sets of rules: 4-on-4-Beach Ultimate and 5-on-5 Beach Ultimate. Both are aligned with the WFDF Official Rules of (grass) Ultimate.

The BULA and WFDF World Championships, as well as most leagues and tournaments worldwide, are played 5-on-5. On the other hand the biggest Beach Ultimate event in the world, Wildwood, and well as the legendary Boracay Open in the Philippines are played 4-on-4.


Spirit of the Game Scoring

BULA recognizes that Spirit of the Game (SOTG) is a pillar of disc sports and all BULA Recommended events use a system to teach and celebrate good Spirit. The most common system is the official WFDF & BULA Spirit of the Game scoring system. This scoring system took over 10 years to develop and has grown into a comprehensive Spirit evaluation and educational tool with great examples. However, there are some other scoring systems such as the Sushi Sheet meant more for fun and hat tournaments.

A Spirit Circle after the game in meant to encourage discussion of possible issues that arose during the game, encourages positive feedback, and creates better understanding between players.

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