Helpful Resources

To help those that lead, BULA will continuously publish/link to useful material for further development of Beach Ultimate on a local, national, or global level.

  • Tips for Beach Ultimate tournament directors – Various useful tips collected over the years from different Tournament Directors.
  • Sponsorship guide – A guide to give you insight into the difficult task of landing a sponsor, prepared with the help of a number of fantastic collaborators.
  • Beach Ultimate Rules – Make sure you always use the most recent version of the rules.
  • Spirit of the Game scoring & examples sheet – Great educational tools for global application of  SOTG.
  • Great discounts – Fantastic discounts on discs, shirts, etc.. are easy to get…. just make sure you are BULA recommended.
  • Free pictures – Don’t worry about copyright, the photographers give you permission to use these wonderful shots.
  • Free promotional videos – Want to tell people about the sport? Here are the files you need to tell them what Beach Ultimate is. For any language!