Where to Play

All you need is a disc, a  few people and a beach, any beach! So make sure you always carry a disc with you when any time you go to the beach….  Considering that the rules are fairly simple, you will be surprised how easy it is to go from throwing some disc to setting up a small game.  If you are travelling along some ocean’s shore and would like to practice or pickup with some of the local teams, feel free to contact the people below for specifics, Alternatively, if you are looking for Beach Ultimate events,  check out these destination tournaments worldwide.

  1. Argentina: Facundo Barrera (Asociación de Deportes del Disco Volador de la Republica Argentina)
  2. Australia: Simon Wood (Australian Flying Disc Association Inc.)
  3. Austria: Marion Schneilinger (Österreichischer Frisbeesportverband)
  4. Belarus: Andrei Antanovich (Belarusian Flying Disc Federation)
  5. Belgium: Fery Vanhemelryck (Belgian Ultimate Federation)
  6. Brazil: Roberto Hucke (Federação Paulista de Disco)
  7. Canada: Danny Saunders (Ultimate Canada)
  8. China: President (Ultimate Association of China)
  9. Chile: Daniel López Aldunate (Asociación Chilena de Ultimate)
  10. Chinese Taipei: Michael Hu (Chinese Taipei Flying Disc Association)
  11. Colombia: Julio Duque (Asociacion de Jugadores de Ultimate en Colombia)
  12. Costa Rica: President (Costa Rican Ultimate Frisbee Team)
  13. Croatia: Tomislav Goricki (Croatian Flying Disc Federation)
  14. Czech Republic: Petr Kotěšovec (Czech Flying Disc Association)
  15. Denmark: Matthias Zaccarin (Dansk Frisbee Sport Union)
  16. Dominican Republic: President (Asociacion Dominicana de Jugadores de Ultimate)
  17. Estonia: Kristina and Andrek (Estonian Flying Disc Federation)
  18. Finland: Jarna Kalpala (Finnish Flying Disc Association)
  19. France: Amaury and Raphaël (Fédération Flying Disc France)
  20. Georgia: Aleksi Edisherashvili (Georgian Flying Disc Federation)
  21. Germany: Dine Fischer (Deutscher Frisbeesport-Verband e.V.)
  22. Hong Kong: Neil Gysel (Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association)
  23. Hungary: Peter Kramer (Hungarian Frisbee Association)
  24. Iceland: Páll Sigurdarson (Frisbee Sport Federation of Iceland)
  25. India: Jaidip Patel (Ultimate Players Association of India)
  26. Indonesia: Abby Prasetyo (Indonesia Ultimate Players Association)
  27. Ireland: Mark Early (Irish Beach Ultimate)
  28. Israel: Dan Tapuach (Israeli Flying Discs Association)
  29. Italy: Sandro Soldati (Federazione Italiana Flying Disc)
  30. Japan: Yuta Saito (Japan Flying Disc Association)
  31. Kenya: Josphat Nyataya (Kenya Flying Disc Association)
  32. Latvia: Jānis Bernāns (Latvian Flying Disc Federation)
  33. Lithuania: Artūras Petrauskas (Lithuanian Flying Disc Federation)
  34. Mexico: Eliud Hernandez or Alejandro Mendoza (AMEDIVO: Asociacion Mexicana de Disco Volador)
  35. The Netherlands: Organizing Committee (Dutch Flying Disc Association)
  36. New Zealand: Iain Stewart (New Zealand Ultimate Inc.)
  37. Norway: Ade Oleson (Norges Frisbeeforbund)
  38. Panama: Melanie McCullough (Asociacion de Ultimate: Frisbee de Panamá)
  39. Philippines: Karen Cabrera (Philippine Ultimate Association)
  40. Poland: Michal Dul (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Graczy Ultimate)
  41. Portugal: Pedro Vargas (Associação Portuguesa de Ultimate e Desportos de Disco)
  42. Qatar: Edwin Bywater (Ultimate Players Association of Qatar)
  43. Republic of Korea: Jae-Eun Jeong (Korea Ultimate Players Association)
  44. Russia: Evgenij Lebedev (Russian Flying Disc Federation)
  45. Singapore: Enrique Lee (Ultimate Players Association of Singapore)
  46. Slovakia: Tomas Lehuta (Slovak Association of Frisbee)
  47. Slovenia: Anže Zorman (Frizbi zveza Slovenije)
  48. South Africa: Ros Dredge (South African Flying Disc Association)
  49. Spain: Nico Chauveau (Federación Española de Disco Volador)
  50. Sweden: Peter Lundmark (Swedish Frisbeesport Federation)
  51. Switzerland: Isabelle Güttinger (Swiss Ultimate Association)
  52. Tanzania: Organizing Committee (Tanzanian Ultimate group)
  53. Turkey: Can Pacaciogl (Turkish Spirit of The Game Association)
  54. Uganda: Queenie (Uganda Ultimate Frisbee Association)
  55. UK: Si Hill (UK Ultimate)
  56. Ukraine: Alex Kostenko (Ukrainian Flying Disk Federation)
  57. Uruguay: Carlos Andrés Chiale (Ultimate Frisbee Uruguay)
  58. USA: Byron Hicks (USA Ultimate)
  59. Venezuela: Jesus Loreto (Venezuelan Ultimate Association)
  60. United Arab Emirates: Patrick Fourcampre-Maye (United Arabian Ultimate)