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If you are here, then you probably are (or are on the way to being) a Beach Ultimate player… and that means you are one of the special ones that knows what it feels like to be part of this amazing global community.

As you know, Beach Ultimate is a fast paced and a physically challenging sport. To help you be at your physical best, Tim Morrill, Beach Ultimate Lover and strength and conditioning guru,  has some great ways for you to improve your beach fitness so you can be your most explosive self on sand!

There are always times you need them… Here are links to the most current rules of Beach Ultimate and the Spirit of the Game scoring sheets.

Find out what is new with the upcoming BULA 2018 European Beach Ultimate Club Championships and the WFDF 2019 Continental Championships. These are amazing events for both players and fans, with great online coverage.


Besides the World and Continental Championships there are many other fantastic Beach Ultimate events.… Take a look and start planning your sandy trips.

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