Beach Ultimate in Africa

The African disc scene is not very big but there are clear signs things are changing. The granddaddy of African beach tournaments is just around the corner and FEAST IV promises to be the biggest and best ever. This year’s tournament will again be on Tiwi Beach near Mombasa, Kenya. They will be playing Easter weekend (April 6-9) with games on Saturday and Sunday (April 7-8).
So far they have interest from teams in:

  1. Kenya (Kisumu and U. of Nairobi)
  2. Ethiopia
  3. Rwanda
  4. South Sudan (the newest country in the world)
  5. Tanzania (Mwanza and Arusha)
  6. Uganda
  7. Zambia

For more information, contact Aaron Sundsmo at [email protected]

Beach Ultimate in Turkey

In Turkey there is a 2-day long beach tournament called “34HAT”. In September 2010, 34HAT was organized for the first time in “Kilyos BURC Beach, Istanbul” with 68 players.
Last year, in September 2011, 34HAT was organized for the second time and 93 players attended, among these players, 23 players from other countries.
It is always fun to play at new and upcoming tournaments. Have a look what you can expect this year (probably September):

Inner City Beach Ultimate in Canada

Members of the Edmundston Ultimate Frisbee club in New Brunswick (Canada) have accomplished something unique: include Beach Ultimate as a demonstration sport in the Jeux de l’Acadie games. As a result they now have a Beach Ultimate field in the city 🙂
The Jeux de l’Acadie games were held from 29 June to 3 July 2011 with participation of 1,000+ French-speaking athletes aged between 11 and 16 from New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador. Beach Ultimate was successfully introduced as a new sport with the objective to spread the game in the region.
Here is the TV report: the Beach Ultimate report begin at 23m48h

Gazos Gambit V – Keep hoppin’

Somewhere along California’s famous Highway 1, between Santa Cruz and San Francisco, is Gazos Gambit. A Beach Ultimate tournament run by the always hoppin’ Edmundo, this is one of those tournaments that is just different (in a very positive way). High level and earthy might be good descriptor.
Check it out at