2011: 3rd World Championships….

It just dawned on me… Since the World Championships will be held once every 4 years, the one after Brazil will only be in 2011… Hmmm, now there is an incentive to go to Brazil next year 🙂
As if you need more incentives… BULA already started contact with many countries, including ‘smaller’ countries such as Jamaica, Mexico, Hong Kong, Morocco and Zimbabwe(!). Lots of interest. No commitment of course, but I have a feeling that it should be another interesting ‘play hard party hard’ World Championship with an international Latino flavor… In 2004 we had 23 nations represented. We are aiming for 4 more in 2007!


How about Alaska?

  • mmm … Morrocco sounds nice! Are there any beaches near Asilah where there is a famous art festival on every summer? Could be cool to maybe combine, or else have the tournament the week before so people can enjoy that as well? Jus’ a thought! :0)

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