4-on-4 Beach Ultimate takes root in France

Five-on-five Beach Ultmate might the most popular Beach Ultimate format worldwide, but 4-on-4 Beach Ultimate is growing too. The Wildwood tournament, with 2,200 players, is a huge 4-on-4 event in the US.In Belgium, the Philippines, Egypt, Mexico, and New Zealand there also 4-on-4 tournaments.
This month, in the south of France, a 4-on-4 Beach Ultimate league has started.
For the last 3 years French players have been playing in a series of 4-on-4 Beach Ultimate tournaments “Collègues” on the Mediterranean coast. It was so successful that the organizer (Stéphane) and some of his friends decided to create a national 4-on-4 Beach Ultimate League (LBU44) which started this month.
With 8 teams participating it is the first full 4-on-4 league in Europe. That is great news. Allez les Bleus!


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