A European Beach Ultimate League?

For years we have been thinking about creating a European Beach Ultimate League. However that is not as easy as it seems. There are lots of tournaments in Europe but that is one of the reasons it is hard to organize. Beach Ultimate is still relatively small and players usually only travel to places 1-2 times year. There is a core of players that go to many hat tournaments but ‘traveling teams’ are few and far between. In addition, adding a series of tournaments will take away from other tournaments as well as dig into the finances of the players.
One interesting thought it to create a ladder league like there is in the UK (www.regionalultimate.co.uk) with one final tournament.
How would that work? I’d love to hear from Beach Ultimate lovers what they think…


Great idea!
I say that it is hard creating leagues: with my frien and my wife, I’m creating the French League Beachultimate 4-4.
What teams will be concerne? national’s teams? club’s team? “pick up”‘s team?

  • There are not a lot of Beach Ultimate club team around so the (initial) idea is to have (club) teams that play at existing tournaments (E.g Bibione, Yes But Nau, Monsterball, etc…) to fill in the scores they had against other teams that are registered in the league. That way teams can still visit all the tournaments they want and also participate in the league

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