Ana Hammond

We are deeply saddened to inform you that Huck Finn player Ana Hammond stopped breathing while on the sideline at an ultimate tournament in Davis (California) last Saturday and couldn’t be revived.
From an email to the San Francisco Ultimate community:

Ana lived the life most people only dream of, the life of an angel, spreading joy and sincerity wherever she went, caring for the sick and dying, inspiring each of those she touched to be a better person, spurring us onward by the strength of her example, by the grace and devotion of her spirit, living life to its fullest expression.

I am sorry we never met. Peace!
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Ana Hammond
Picture: Markus Lust


Ana was my cousin, last time she came to visit us in El Salvador (March 2006)she asked if she could have some of my drawings, when i gave her a couple she was very excited about it, and i still have the way she smiled in my mind…
I also remember that she was practicing to learn how to flame throw or something like that.
She was always busy with something, and i always admired her for that, she would come and tell us about all the things she did. The most important one was working at George Mark Children’s House, a place where they help children with terminal deseases. She was very happy to be there, she felt as if it were he vocation in life, and if you knew here you knew it was true…
We are expecting her ashes to come tomorrow.
She was a true free spirit, which will for ever be free and peacefully at rest..
She will be missed by all who knew and loved her…

  • i’m her brother, i’d like more information from any friends she might of had, please email me, i know she was married i’m trying to get in contact with her husband, or ex husband.
    Carlos Campos.

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