Bad Spirit can cost a team the finals

BULA and the local Brazilian organizing committee have decided that bad spirit during the World Championships can lead to exclusion from the finals.
Using the objective BULA SOTG scoring system, all teams will judged similarly by the teams they play against. Teams that have negative spirit ratings will be talked to at the end of each day by the Tournament Rules Group (TRG). Consistent bad spirit ratings throughout the championships can lead to disqualification to play in the finals.
BULA will continue to hold the Spirit of the Game as the most important part of Beach Ultimate. Play hard, be respectful and have fun!


Can i use your words?
“Play hard, be respectful and have fun!”
Simple like that!
I don´t think that will really be necessary disqualify a team. But the Spirit of the game is the most important thing in the ultimate frisbee and must be preserved.

  • I also don’t think that disqualification will happen. The game and the surroundings are just too nice 🙂 However we wanted to put a stake in the ground for the future of the sport.
    (and yes, you can use my words 🙂
    See you on the beach!

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