Beach Ultimate as official WFDF Disc Sport?

I just finished emailing a 36-page motion to the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) to have Beach Ultimate officially recognized as a Flying Disc Sport and for the WFDF to co-host the upcoming World Championships.This motion will be voted on by WFDF members at the next World Ultimate Club Championships in Prague in July.
Why is it a good thing for Beach Ultimate to be independent from (grass) Ultimate and why should the WFDF support the next World Championships? Read the motion. Don’t be put off by the number of pages. Pages 3-8 are the real proposal. The rest of the pages are supporting material.
Let us know what you think!


Greetings BULA folks.
I’m wary of Beach Ultimate being included under the umbrella of WFDF and being co-opted. For me Beach retains more of the spirit of ultimate than other aspects of the sport, iold and new friends hanging out on the beach and playin hard, fair, and most of all, fun ultimate.
More formal recognition for beach ultimate might be good to attract more money and status into the sport but I wonder why BULA cannot continue to do it’s own thing, and not become coopted into WFDF. The cool work that you guys have done with SOTG is a great example of the creativity which is preserved by being independent of out big cousins.

  • Tim,
    Thanks for the feedback. I know (and share) your concerns. That is why this motion is not about BULA. As you will read, BULA remains independent. I agree that BULA is more nimble than the WFDF and hence should continue to do what it is doing. Personally I will always defend playing hard, fair, and fun Ultimate.
    However, the WFDF can add some things to Beach Ultimate to help it grow. Growth is good as long as it is good growth 🙂 Let’s get more people enjoy the game and the spirit of Beach Ultimate.
    The thing we need now is for more players to step up to the plate and help Beach Ultimate grow in BULA and the WFDF. But everyone seems too busy to help out.
    Wanna help? 🙂
    See you on the beach!

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