Beach Ultimate at the end of the world

In two days the Ocean Beach Ultimate Hat tournament will be held, 2012 in Whangarei Heads, New Zealand. It promised to be two days of amazing beach Ultimate, with welcome beers/bag of wine, free gifts, buffet style dinner, beach-side camping, swimming (possibly with dolphins), sun, and smiles.
Mind you, Whangarei Heads is some 30 minutes from the nearest town. As such, it is an isolated community with a limited fresh water supply. Toilet facilities are long-drop toilets and the only shower is cold water supplied by a roof collected supply which may not be available. So players are roughing it 🙂
But who needs toilets and showers when, according to the organizers, there is possible Tsunami watching? Clean in a jiffy! 😉
A week later, crazy Aussie players are celebrating 2012 as the final year of civilization, so they consider playing the last-ever, best-ever Terrigal Towel a must. (BTW, its pure rumor that they already booked for next year, and besides, who’s going to bill them the cancellation fee?)
So there you have it: Beach Ultimate fun down-under: Tsunamies and the end of the world 🙂
Watch out… Hammer!!


Patrick, another righteous post, scary allusions…I hope and pray these shennanigans by NZ and AU tourney organizers are merely gimmicks to attract participants and raise the roof. Catch you on a beach down under in 2013, to infinity and beyond! Love, disc and survival, Buzz Lightyear

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