Beach Ultimate, Facebook, and Mexico

What do you think? Is Facebook the new email? When BULA started 10 years ago, email and mailing lists were our main source of communication. Now email is starting to lose ground. People are joining this newsletter much less frequently then 5 years ago.
Now players on Facebook are ‘liking‘ Beach Ultimate, ‘joining‘ BULA, ‘supporting‘ Spirit of the Game, and ‘promoting‘ all three.
Sounds somewhat familiar? If you are on any of the BULA webpages, look at the top of the page and you will see that the BULA mission is to “assist, educate, and promote the spirit and the game of Beach Ultimate”. Clearly these players are all BULA 🙂
Mind you, there are many other ways people can be BULA’ers too… Tournament Directors and volunteers fulfill the BULA mission perfectly too.
Fernando Najera and his group in Acapulco are a good example. For the last 10+ years they have been spreading (Beach) Ultimate in Mexico, and put on a great international tournament.
Every year I write about this tournament. Every year I really want to go. But coming from Europe is no always easy. It can be a long and pricy trip. Nevertheless, if you are closer, or have the time and means, I highly recommend you check it out. I heard great stories about the tournament:
Be BULA: ‘Join’ us, and/or ‘Like’ our Game and our Spirit:


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