BULA adopts WFDF rules

UPDATE 15 March 2009: the links now point to the 2009 Rules instead of the 2008 rules.
Since BULA’s inception early this century we have had an independent set of Beach Ultimate rules. However this was not an optimal solution for Beach Ultimate players. Differences between WFDF, BULA, and UPA rules made playing internationally more difficult than is should be. So when the WFDF made major improvements to their rules last year BULA wanted to follow suit.
As of today, and after getting unanimous approval from the BULA rules committee and BULA tournament directors, all BULA tournaments will play by the just released 2008 WFDF rules with an appendix showing beach specific difference such as number of players, field size, etc…



I am not fully satified with the “continuation” explanation especially as it refers to a pick. If a pick is called, play stops. If the thrower released the disc, there is a turnover (at least this is how the rules used to be applied). How would WFDF rules handle this situation.

  • Hi e,
    As I understand the rules and as they are currently being played in the UK…
    If the disc was thrown prior to or during the call of pick then 17.3.2 or 17.3.3 apply and play continues until possession has been established. If the team on offense when the call was made still have possession then the disc is returned to the thrower, 16.4.2 and 17.5, otherwise 17.4 applies and the previously defending team are now on offense and play continues unhalted.
    If the disc was thrown after the call then 17.1 applies and the throw will not count. The disc is returned to the thrower and play continues as per 16.4.2.
    So in the rules there is only a turnover if the throw is made before or during the call _and_ the disc is not caught by an offensive player.
    Note that I have been involved in several instances where the thrower said that they had not heard the pick call, the cutter did not catch the disc but said that the call had not affected their cut and as a result the team on offense had declared a turnover even though the disc was thrown after the call. This seems correct under the spirit of the rules.

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