BULA Traveling tournament goes to Holland

Every year BULA plants a Beach Ultimate seed around the world to help the sport grow. It does so by organizing/promoting one special Beach Ultimate tournament per year in an area that has potential.
In 2009, the BULA BUTT moves to the beach of Monster in the Netherlands for the 2nd edition of Monsterball. Last year’s edition, organized by Ultimus Prime in The Hague, was a wild success – great competition, teams from 4 countries, and a rockin’ party.
With BULA’s help Monsterball is going even bigger this year: 32 teams, 8 fields, an under-17 division, and an even bigger, better party.
It is going to be a Monster BUTT! 🙂
Check it out: www.ultimusprime.com/monsterball.html


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