Hotels at WCBU

Players that want to take advantage of the special WCBU hotel rates should book though CVC.
Players that want to book other accommodations might want to know on which beach we play: we play at Praia Pajuçara and Praia de Ponta Verde is also close. See the Google Earth image
Alternate sites you might want to check:

Latest World Championships info


  • Team fees: 150 euros ($200). Deadline: 15 Sept. Late payment fee: 25%
  • Player fees: 80 euros ($110)/player (9 player minimum). Deadline 15 October. Late payment fee: 25% extra.
  • Non-Player fees: 50% discount on player fee.

Early bird special: Players that pay before 30 June July you only pay 100 euros ($135 USD) for the team fee and 60 euro ($85 USD) per player (9 player minimum).
This money will get players a player package with several items in it and rights to play. This money will be used to cover all costs of the tournament, including stands, licenses, first aid, free water and fruit on the field, etc… We are not looking to make a profit on this (although some money for BULA and the Brazilian Federation will be put aside to further develop of Beach Ultimate), but we have to make sure we don’t make a loss. Once we know exactly how many players we’ll have, and get sponsors on board, we’ll start to add more benefits for the players.
There are 4 hotels that have special prices for us. They range between $286 – $354 per week per person (breakfast included). More information and booking instructions at
The same company that arranged the hotels for us (CVC) also has a charter flight players can use:
PARIS / MACEIÓ / PARIS (connection in S. PAULO): EUR 1158,00 PLUS AIRPORT TAXES EUR 169,17.
MIAMI / MACEIÓ / MIAMI (connection in S. PAULO): US$ 1288.00 PLUS AIRPORT TAXES US$ 158.18.
To book these flights, click on the CVC link above and contact the travel agency directly. If you know of cheaper flights, please add a comment.
Based on our communications with all the captains, this is what we know so far:
Mixed Division:

  • Austria (100%)
  • Brazil (100%)
  • Canada (100%)
  • Germany (100%)
  • Peace Team (100%)
  • Ireland (100%)
  • Latvia (70%)
  • Luxembourg (70%)
  • Panama (70%)
  • Portugal (70%)
  • Scotland (100%)
  • Singapore (70%)
  • Spain (100%)
  • Switzerland (100%)
  • UK (100%)
  • US (100%)

This looks like a very interesting mix and should be a great championship.
Men’s division

  • Australia (100%)
  • Brazil (100%)
  • Canada (50%)
  • Currier Island (100%)
  • Mexico (50%)
  • Philippines (70%)
  • Russia (70%)
  • UK (100%)
  • US (100%)

This is a bit disappointing. There is still some hope for men’s teams from France, Colombia, Norway, and Venezuela… So if you know people there, get them to contact their federation or contact person!
Master’s division

  • Brazil (100%)
  • Canada (50%)
  • Colombia (100%)
  • Currier Island (50%)
  • Portugal (100%)
  • UK (100%)
  • US (100%)

This is a slight increase on the 5 teams we had in 2004. France and Japan are still a possibility.
Women’s division

  • Australia (70%)
  • Brazil (100%)
  • Canada (50%)
  • Colombia (80%)
  • UK (100%)
  • US (100%)

We are pulling our hairs out trying to find more women’s teams. There is a potential of a Currier island women’s team if we find enough women that want to have a pickup team, and perhaps France will still send a team.
Anyway, any help you can give us here is much appreciated. The WCBU will be great. We’ll be in a wonderful area, players from 20 countries will be present, parties for sure, so help us get more teams and players. We’ll all benefit from it 🙂
International Teams
Like in 2004 Currier Island will be the pickup team. There is room for one team in all divisions. So if you know of players that want to play in Brazil, but don’t have a national team, have them get in touch with Currier Island (
This year there will also be a mixed Peace Team (formerly India/Pakistan and the West East Indies). This team will do some volunteer work in the area. If you know of players that are interested in joining, also have them contact

Academic congress during World Championships

Raoni, an Ultimate player from Brazil, wants to organize an academic congress during the World Championships Beach Ultimate in Brazil. This congress is aimed to give (Beach) Ultimate and Frisbee researchers a venue to present their findings to a large (and interested) audience and start new collaborations.
If you are interested in participating, leave a comment below and Raoni will get in contact with you. Alternatively, send an email to with the subject “Academic congress” and we will forward it.

Updated: National Team and Player Manual

Version 1.3 of the National Team and Player Manual (0.1 MB .pdf) for the World Championships in Brazil can be downloaded by clicking on the link above. The updated manual has some spelling corrections and the long-awaited entry for Currier Island.
A quote from the manual:
currierisland.jpgCurrier Island— The Beach Ultimate Paradise— is different things to different people. To native islanders, it is home, the sweetest spot on the globe, the hidden treasure on the high seas. To laymen, it is the unnamed tropical haven they dream about when they have their “Hawaii, but better” dreams…

Luxembourg latest country interested in WCBU

Luxembourg is the 48th country interested in participating in the World Championships Beach Ultimate to be held in Brazil, 11-16 December 2007. Will we get 50 countries interested? We are waiting for a response from Chinese Taipei and perhaps there is another country out there that wants to play too…
Here is one of the players from Luxembourg (Bob Krebbs) on offense in a game against Diz-Cu Sr. in Portugal.

Location WCBU 2007 is known!

Today the location of the World Championships Beach Ultimate was made public: the tournament will be held 11-16 December 2007 in Maceió, in the north of Brazil. The beach will be the Pajuçara Beach. With 44 countries potentially participating, it should be a great championship!
UPDATE: The news has already reached the Brazilian national press: (Portuguese). More info to follow soon…

2011: 3rd World Championships….

It just dawned on me… Since the World Championships will be held once every 4 years, the one after Brazil will only be in 2011… Hmmm, now there is an incentive to go to Brazil next year 🙂
As if you need more incentives… BULA already started contact with many countries, including ‘smaller’ countries such as Jamaica, Mexico, Hong Kong, Morocco and Zimbabwe(!). Lots of interest. No commitment of course, but I have a feeling that it should be another interesting ‘play hard party hard’ World Championship with an international Latino flavor… In 2004 we had 23 nations represented. We are aiming for 4 more in 2007!