Dutch Beach Ultimate on the rise

Dutch Beach culture is mostly limited to holidays and ‘strand jutten’ (picking up things that wash ashore after a storm). The Crunch Hut tournament in Hargen has been the only Beach Ultimate in Holland (although this year will be their 14th edition!) and until recently the Netherlands never participated at a BULA Beach Ultimate World Championships.
However Beach Fever has struck Holland. They participated at the European Championships Beach Ultimate where they just missed the chance to go to the semi finals and suddenly there are two new Beach Ultimate tournaments planned:
The Texel Beach Tournament 21-22 June: Texel is the biggest island of the Netherlands and it’s about a 100 km. north of Amsterdam. The tournament is going to be an open tournament and you can sign up at their website.
The Monsterball Beach Classic August 30-31: This tournament is very close to The Hague and the base of the tournament will be the Bondi beach club.
Hup Holland Hup!


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