European Championships Update

The ECBU will have 5 divisions : Open, Women Mixed, Masters and Juniors.
The Fees:
ECBU2008_120x64.gifPlayer fee: 70 €
Player fee junior: 60 €
Guest fee: 50 €
Team fee: 100 €
Team fee junior: 80 €
The player/guest fee includes : the player’s pack, the BBQ of the welcome party and the Sunday night dinner (the dinner of the Big party).
Accommodations (per day/person)
Camping 5 € (500m from the fields)
Mobil home 15 € ( for 4 and 6 people, with kitchen, are located 15 min from the fields with the free ECBU shuttle service
Apartments 20 € (from 2 to 8 people, all with a kitchen, in buildings located from 10m to 400m from the fields! But we only have spots for 85 persons. First paid first served)
Breakfast: A breakfast plan is provided for 4€/day.
Lunch : There is no mid-day meal plan as everyone will be at the fields. Of course, food and drinks will be available at the player’s village on the beach.
Dinner: Thursday Night welcome BBQ and Sunday night diner are included in the player/guest fee. Dinner on your own the others days.
January 15 – February 15: National/team representatives notify of teams selected to play at ECBU. All team fee to be paid.
March 15: All teams to register players. Team registration closes.
March 20 – April 5: BULA seeds teams and devises tournaments format. Teams notified immediately.
April 15: All player registration closes. All players fee to be paid.
May 8 : Registration / Opening ceremony / Welcome Party with a free BBQ on the beach
May 9 – May 12 Games & Parties
Registration and Payment
The spot can only support 5 fields, so we have a maximum of 32 teams. So don’t wait February the 15th to register…
The ECBU bank account is :
Bank: Crédit Mutuel Nantes – Cathédrale
27 rue de la Marne
44000 Nantes
Account name : ECBU2008
Account number : 00012782301
IBAN : FR76 1574 9361 8400 0127 8230 151
Please reference your payments with this format: (CountryCode)-(DivisionID)
where CountryCode is :
Austria: A
Belgium: B
Croatia: HR
Czech Republic: CZ
Denmark: DK
Estonia: EST
France: F
Germany: DE
Great Britain: GB
Ireland: IRL
Italy: I
Latvia: LV
Lithuania: LT
Netherlands: NL
Portugal: P
Russia: RUS
Slovakia: SK
Spain: E
Switzerland: CH
And TeamCode is :
Open: OP
Women: WO
Mixed: MX
Masters: MA
Junior: JO
When registering the teams, please send an email to [email protected] with this reference and telling us the expected number of players and guest on the teams.
The official ECBU website ( being updated and soon have more detail on the accommodations.


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