Eye Black Strips. Do they work?

mueller_eye_black.jpgYou might have seen American Football players wear them. You might even have seen Xtehn Titcomb wear them at the World Championships Beach Ultimate in Brazil, but do the Eye Black Stripes from Mueller really work?
I decided to try them during our league day in the Algarve last weekend and apart from the many comments I received on how ‘scary’ I look, I did not notice a difference. Perhaps when it is really really sunny out (this was just a winter sun) they might help, but in that case I will play with sunglasses.
The good thing about the strips is that they are easy to put on and take off, and I was pleasantly surprised that they stayed on all day, but you won’t be seeing me wear them any day soon, unless I want to look scary on the field… 🙂


I don’t like the eye strips (or black paint) because they do look like war paint. And we’re not at war on the Ultimate field, are we? Maybe if there was a design with smileys on it 😉
Possibly the strips could be used to tape shut someone’s mouth though if that player doesn’t stop talking (-:C
Apropos sunglasses… I’ve got one reservation against wearing them on the field: I have a harder time being sure about eye contact.

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