France has largest Beach Ultimate league

France will have the largest Beach Ultimate league in the world this summer with 36 teams registered, 4 stages and 2 divisions! The games will take place on the following days:
* June 9-10, Les Sables d’Olonne (D1 & D2)
* June 30-July 1st , Pornichet (D1)
* June 23-24, Brest (D2)
* September 1-2, St Jean de Monts (D1 & D2)
* September 29-30, Le Poulignen (D1 & D2)
A team doesn’t have to play the 4 stages. But the more they play, the more points they get. The number of points won for each stage depends on the number of teams that played it. Last team gets 10 points. From last but one till 17th place : + 1 point from 16th to 9th : +2 points from 8th to 2nd : +3 points 1st : + 4 points.
Example for a stage with 14 teams :
14th : 10 pts
13th : 12 pts

9th : 20 pts
8th : 23 pts
7th : 26 pts

2th : 38 pts
1st : 42 pts.
For the final ranking, the points of the best 3 playing days will be totaled.
Fueled by the success of Yes But Nau and other tournament, Beach Ultimate in France is getting bigger…

2006 RéMix tournament in France


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