Friday at Boracay

Friday at Boracay
The sand here is quite nice, the beach is fantastic and the teams here feel a bit like they are in paradise.
The international presence is not felt, however. With an always crowded ultimate schedule a lot of Asian ultimate players are saving up their money for Korea or Bali, or still paying for Bangkok Hat and Vietnam Hat.
But the Dragons are psyched to get some love thrown their way and would absolutely love it for more teams and more players to come this way and make this tournament a prime destination tourney. There’s no reason why this can’t happen: the beach village and the beach itself here are definitely top-notch, the parties promise to be swell and in high style and generally speaking, it’s all good.
One drawback simply appears to be that the width of the beach from shorefront property to the sea is shrinking. Therefore, only 4-on-4 action (which i can totally dig coming from Wildwood) and not quite enough for a ton of fields or for 5-on-5. they are working on solutions.
But really it’s pretty nice here. The Dragons want to continue their international push after the WBUC in Brazil by going to Paga next year and maybe Oz or the States in the future if they can afford it. But meanwhile they’re hoping some kickass teams come this way to so the competition can continue to be amped up


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