Funky Beach Ultimate in the Ukraine

On August 11-12 there is the KaZantip Z(x)7 tournament that will happen during the annual open air rave-festival on the seaside in Popovka (near Evpatoriya, Crimea). The 5-week festival has over one million visitors, lots of dance parties, (extreme) sports, and now also Beach Ultimate 🙂
With great games during the day, freestyle performances, a night-Ultimate demonstration, and more parties that you can handle it should make for an amazing atmosphere and tournament!
The weekend after (18-19 Aug) you could travel to Kiev and participate in the 6th edition of the Kiev Beach Ultimate tournament. This tournament enjoys a great beach in the middle of the city, lots of players and the occasional baby enjoying some beer.
FYI: Only African and Asian players need a visa to visit the Ukraine and if you need help getting tickets (bus/train) the organizers are more than willing to help you out.


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