3-on-3 Beach Ultimate: Good practice for all?

It is not uncommon that beginning players get frustrated because they don’t get the disc very often during a game. Of course there are reasons for that:

  • Beginning players do not know where to run
  • Advanced players don’t feel comfortable throwing anything but a perfect pass

The problem persists because it is possible to play a reasonably good game using only 3 players of the 5 players. As long as the ‘beginners’ are not in the way, they don’t need to touch the disc too much.
Practice is one way to resolve this problem, but in Portugal another solution has been found: 3×3 Beach Ultimate.
The endzone of a regular Beach Ultimate field is 25 x15m. This is a perfect area for 3-on-3 Beach Ultimate with two 2-meter deep endzones.
In 3-on-3 Beach Ultimate it is almost impossible to not play one of the players. It also forces the beginner to become involved in the game and not always hide in the stack .At the same time, the game teaches the more advanced players to be more accurate on their throws since the field is so short and a 2 meter deep enzone is really small!
This, and the fact that it is great for conditioning, makes 3-on-3 Beach Ultimate an interesting game.
In January there will be the first 3×3 hat tournament in Portugal. I will be there and will let you know how it went.


With Marseille ultimate team, when we are less to play BU44, we’re playing BU3*3.
The game is more speed, but it’s just for trainning.

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