Great fake play

On the beach in Borocay: watch as Johnny fakes the throw and Yong lays out while our whole team celebrates the point. Meanwhile the handler (Johnny) still has the disc and puts it to James in the corner for the point while the other team is still stunned (no sound).

This reminds me of a play we used to do called ‘bacon’ where 3 players in the endzone drop to the ground and pretend they are bacon in a pan (moving, sizzeling and making noise). The 4th person makes a fake to one side and the thrower thows it in the open space with all the other defenders wondering why people are on the ground.


David “Wolf” Buckley of Savannah pioneered this play many many years ago, using a “bark like a dog” ploy, on all fours, to distract the D while the thrower hit the open cut.
another great Wolf fake is the ‘early jump’, when faced with a floating throw against a taller receiver he would gather himself up and make the big fake leap to get the taller playe to jumjp early. sometimes it even worked!

  • pat,
    this is junthir… im just checking out and i saw this video this play is very good… the team in green is my teammates but their in team B, im in Team A, we had 2 teams that tour…thats a good experience for them also that they encounter that kind of play… i saw that game last beach ultimate here in boracay… it was a great game and i love that play… i got shocked also because i saw them in blogs… its cool!!! thanks for the video…

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