Just a casual fling in Singapore

Asia is waking up to Beach Ultimate. Here is an article from Nina-Noelle Hall in Singapore:

Hurtling through the air, the red plastic disc escapes the desperate grasps of clasping hands and instead plunges, untouched, into the warm sands of Siloso Beach. Mere inches away lie the defeated: two panting players, now face-planted, who both missed the whizzing disc. ‘Hey guys, how ’bout catching it?!’ jokes a shirtless and sinewy defenceman toward his two sprawled teammates. A middle finger and a smirking face caked with sand is all he gets back. Trash talking is just part of the game in this popular twist on Ultimate Frisbee where, like volleyball, the adrenalin-pumping game has found its way to Sentosa’s sands. This is Beach Ultimate. More…



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