Lei-Out 2006: Monstrous Success

The seventh annual Lei-Out Beach Ultimate Tournament shattered all previous attendance and competition records during the January 14 and 15 event. Teams turned out from all over the globe to be a part of the festivities even though the weather was a little gloomy, with the first rain ever during a Lei-Out Tournament early Saturday morning.
When the rain subsided Saturday afternoon, fierce competition began. “The pools were really, really hard” stated Alex Korb, captain of Lei-Out Quarterfinalist’s “Brown and Blue.” “There were no easy games- every team came to win” he said. In his pool there was a three-way tie for first place. Very few pools had the top ranked team hold seed and every pool had at least one major upset.
Lei-Out mainstays and Paga champions “Carbomb” were one of the few teams to hold seed throughout the tournament. Although they faced tough competition Saturday during pool play, they were able to muscle their way through the day without a loss. On Sunday, “Carbomb” had an intense battle against “The Steve Dugan Experience” in the semi final round- marginally attaining a victory. “That game had more intensity and fire than I have ever seen in a Semifinals game at Lei-Out” said Aaron Jacobs, long time Lei-Out participant.
On the other side of the bracket, Crazy Go Nuts University (CGNU) upset opponents all the way through the tournament. The team combined precision offense and intense defense, to create sound, fundamental Ultimate execution. CGNU faced off against Lei-Out favorites, the Woodies, in the Semifinals. Although the Woodies brought heart, experience, and determination, the execution of CGNU proved too much for the Bulgarian team.
The tournament featured “Carbomb” and CGNU facing off in a very memorable Lei-Out championship. Both teams possessed impeccable skill and athleticism, but in the end, CGNU reigned victorious and positioned themselves in a very elite group of teams to have been crowned Lei-Out Champions.
While the competition was the focus, the spirit, pageantry and spectacle stole the show. There were 66 teams, over 1000 participants, and hundreds of fans and onlookers. The tournament hosted college teams, club teams, and elite players from all over the country and the world. There was a huge part on the Santa Monica Pier, and all participants were given Lei-Out’s trademark leis.
All in all, the weekend was a smashing success filled with intense competition, partying, and great fun to be had by all.
It will be tough to top Lei-Out 2006…though; a fireworks show might be a good start!
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