LinkedIn, Facebook and (Beach) Ultimate

Earlier this year I wrote about a new LinkedIn group called Disc(o)Tech. Unfortunately I have not seen any use for/from it. However there is another disc related LinkedIn group that is more active: the Wonderful World of Ultimate. There are currently 181 members and a few days ago a new discussion was started: “Should the Ultimate Frisbee groups on Linked in merge? And how?”.
So far only two responses, but give it time… 🙂
I love LinkedIn for professional purposes, but is there any value in segregating it into hobby/sport groups? If I want to hang out online with my Beach Ultimate friends I go to Facebook (which I do not open to my professional network ;-). Facebook is great and has lots of Beach Ultimate players using it. Way more than LinkedIn users.
For example: at the 2008 Bar do Peixe Beach Ultimate tournament there were 140 players from 16 countries. Of those players, 27 made an online digital albums (=20%, which is probably a record in the Ultimate world). Of those 27 there were 23 (85%!) that used Facebook! That is amazing.
If you are not on Facebook, you might be missing out. I know there are privacy concerns and personally I don’t download all the millions of applications. However it is a great way to keep in touch with your friends that are miles away.


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