Mailing lists…

We have maintaining our Beach Ultimate News mailing list for many years now. About a year ago ISP’s started closing their SMTP servers for bulk mailings (even legitimate ones like ours) and we were forced to pay for a service that does it for us. Okay, no problem.
However that seems to be also not a great solution. Today we sent out an email about the Yes But Nau tournament in France ( and we noticed a high percentage of bounces. Emails from people I have almost daily contact with bounced.
Reason? No idea. Spam filters on the servers? When we send the bounced people emails sent through Outlook there were hardly any bounces.
Does anybody have an idea how we can send out our news to all people that want to receive it? Please comment 🙂
Update: My suspicions got confirmed… The email company we use (Intellicontact) is currently on the Spamhaus blacklist because of abuse by one of their previous customers. I was assured that the problem will be fixed by the weekend.
Spam filters are not only on your PC. They are also on ISPs. They use a variety of methods. Some use grey lists, others services such as Spamhaus that keep track of what mail servers send spam and block those emails from ever even getting to the reader. Kind of scary to imagine how big my junkmail box would be without those methods…


many email providers have so called “whitelists” integrated to their mailboxes. maybe adding the bula adress to such a list can prevent the newsletter getting lost in spam filters. (don’t know if it helps when entire isp’s get blocked…)

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