MTA record broken!

In a live broadcast Christer Fuglesang set the new MTA record by keeping a disc in the air for 20 seconds, claiming the new MTA world record.
Fuglesang’s first attempt, was a dud. As fellow astronaut Thomas Reiter, a German pilot, counted down – “Three, two, one, go!” – Fuglesang released his white Frisbee. The two floated together for a bit, but then the Frisbee went askew and Fuglesang caught it, laughing, after a few seconds.
Then Fuglesang tried again. “Ten seconds,” Reiter reported, checking his watch. “15.” As he announced, “20 seconds,” Fuglesang grinned broadly, let out a triumphant “Aaaah!” and grabbed the disc.
Perhaps a political move as he could have waited longer, but nevertheless very cool!
(artist’s impression of a disc in space, but watch this space: when the video on YouTube comes out we will add it here)
UPDATE:If you have a decent connection, you can watch the footage at Scroll down about 25% of the page until you see a big headline that says “Hoppas vi får ett besök på slottet”, right underneath you can click on the link “Se Fuglesang sla varldsrekord med frisbee”
UPDATE 2: Link to WFDF press release

  • was the record done with 3 stopwatches? When ‘sauce’ set the record, the story was told at the PDGA Pro World’s dinner in 2005 in Pennsylvania ( beside the name of the ‘schaaps’ used that day, another issue for use of ‘medicine’ in sports) that all three stopwatches recorded the exact same time of 16.72

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