New Zealand 2008: 4 weekends 4 tournaments

Each year BULA promotes a new tournament somewhere on the globe. These series are called the Beach Ultimate Traveling Tournaments (BUTT). We are still waiting for confirmation of the 2007 location, but the 2008 location has been determined and it will be a great one: New Zealand! Four weekends, four tournaments!
Starting 2 & 3 February 2008, at Otaki Beach (one hour north of Wellington) the “Wellington Wild Wind” mixed hat tournament will make its debut. After 2 days of playing and partying the tournament will move up the North Island. Three more beach tournaments will follow over successive weekends. Costs, maps, links, accommodation and other details to follow.
Below is a first picture showing a view of the beach, and an insert of the grass area with BBQ and seating area adjoining the beach. With a river a few hundred metres away, the weather brings different surfaces to the beach, such as the shells showing in this photo, or lots of driftwood (fires!). But no worries, it is very easy to groom 🙂

For any (Beach) Ultimate player, that loves to travel and wants to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world, this will be an experience that should not to be missed. Sign up for our Beach Ultimate News (left) to get more details when they come out, or subscribe to our Atom/RSS feed (top right)


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  • the website is up! we’re about to start our 2007 beach series. if you’ve never visited NZ and want to, think about planning for 2008 now. our summer peaks in jan-feb, a great time to see the beautiful south island, and enjoy the excellent beaches and laid back people of the north island. see you here!

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