Pedro Vargas to lead BULA Europe

After the World Championships there have been many requests by players to have European Championship of Beach Ultimate (ECBU).
Pedro-Vargas.jpgTo look into the possibilities, Pedro Vargas from Portugal has been asked to lead BULA Europe for the next two years and assist, educate, and promote the Spirit and the Game of Beach Ultimate in Europe.
Pedro is a player for the Portuguese Mixed Beach Ultimate team that secured the 4th place at the World Championships in Lignano (Italy) this summer. Pedro is also the VP of Development of the recently established Portuguese Flying Disc Federation.
Pedro will talk to potential TD’s about hosting the ECBU in 2013 and lead it from BULA’s perspective. This is another big step for the future of Beach Ultimate and I am excited about it 🙂


looking forward for Pedro’s announcement about bids submissions!

  • Heyhey from Germany,
    we wonder, since there will be a Womens Masters Division at Worlds this year, if this Division is being considered for further Championship events??? We would love to have this Division grow in the future and be part of the great Tournaments. MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

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