Protecting your feet

Playing Beach Ultimate you probably found the need for some feet protection. In the winter the sand can get really cold and in the summer the sand can get really hot or, like at the Bar do Peixe tournament, sometimes the sand is really rough.
In 2004 a company called Vincere came out with Sandsocks. Although they are great to play in (I hardly feel them on my feet) they were not very sturdy and quickly got holes in them. I tried several other ‘socks’ made for surfing, but they are bit too heavy and clumsy to play in.
sanskins.jpgA while ago Florida native Tim Finan (who also is involved in BULA) referred me to a new brand: Sandskins ( What a change! The company added a thin rubber and very flexible sole, extra layers and stitching, and that made a big difference. I have been playing them for about 4 months and I still have no holes in them! These Sandskins are much better than Sandsocks. I have no affiliation with this brand, but they have my vote for the best feet protection for Beach Ultimate.
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