Spreading the fun

Happy New Year you Beach Ultimate lovers! May your life be healthy and may you have lots of fun on the beach.
This year should be interesting for anyone that loves Beach Ultimate. As you can see we have launched the BULA Blog which allows us to add and share knowledge and fun easily. Tournament stories, pictures, product reviews, etc…
In addition, we are creating free material for anyone that wants to organize a Beach Ultimate tournament or league. Downloadable (and editable) posters, flyers, CD’s (based on the Lookfly Fresher CD, which they generously made available to us), and videos in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and perhaps other languages.
But it doesn’t stop there: BULA is setting up a committee to produce a sponsorship document that tournament/league organizers can download and use to attract sponsors. I know I would like a copy myself to see how we can get sponsors for the WCBU2007 😉
Speaking of the WCBU2007… We are starting to setup for the World Championships Beach Ultimate in mundial2007_100x100Brazil that will be held in December 2007. The Brazilian FDF just finished organizing the Pan-American (grass Ultimate) Championships, and now the World Championships… Many people have already told me they wanted to go so we are hoping for at least the same turn out as in 2004 (40 teams from 22 countries) but it might very well be bigger. Singapore wants to come, I have heard some interest from Holland who was absent in 2004. It should be great…Thanks Marco and the gang for organizing this!.
If you are think of going to Perth this year for the World Ultimate Club Championship you might want to stay around for the weekend after… We are trying to organize there the next BULA BUTT there. More news later this month…
On January 10 we will be launching the beta version of the BULA SOTG system in Los Angeles at the Lei-out tournament. After we get their feedback we will make it public in February.
So as you can see, we want you to have fun playing Ultimate on the beach. This is a great sport and with help from the entire BULA group of volunteers we want to spread the fun worldwide so you can go to fun places, play hard, party hard, and make more friends 🙂
I am sure we will increase the use of interesting technology on the BULA website. We already have Google Earth files of many tournaments, now a blog, and we are also looking into launching the Beach Ultimate version of Ultilinks, and who knows what else 😉
So 2006 should be a beachy year. Keep ‘em flying!
P.S. If you would like to contribute to the BULA Blog…🙂


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