Mick “SeXXXy MVP” Mengucci on the WCBU

Mick (Michele) Mengucci is a player everyone should meet. As one of the top Ultimate players in Europe he moved from Italy to Portugal around 1996. There he helped start the current (Beach) Ultimate scene. He also is a talented musician with many songs inspired Beach Ultimate and is a regular player in Paganello (SeXXXpensive) where he also sings.
At the World Championships in Brazil Mick played at the openings party and got the crowd dancing to his mix of Latin, African, Italian, Portuguese, and Cuban infused music. He also played two songs with 7-year old Tomas V (yes, my son :-). He was awarded the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in the Master division, and after the tournament was over he went to Recife, north of Maceio to teach a budding Beach Ultimate community the game and the spirit of Beach Ultimate.
Mick’s spirit, music and game play is inspiring. Here is a text he wrote when hanging out at Dunas de Marapé, 60 km north of Maceio, 2 days after the tournament was over. Enjoy.

Mick Mengucci
“When I tell somebody that at last world club championship of disc on sand a player could sleep in a hammock by two palm trees with the sea on one side on the fields on the other, people find this is just a crazy funny strange weak game especially because the most valuable player in the master category is also the music entertainer at the opening ceremony.
But when they see the intensity of beach ultimate and the fascinating world that surrounds it they realize that the ultimate community is a transversal international movement in the social texture of the planet. Still pushed and guided by the simple and not easy idea that players should play keeping attention to each other faults and deal with the responsibility of calling the fouls.
They need to discuss about it, to communicate about it. This show that through communication human beings can achieve peace. This is an enormous message to all other sports and finally to the rest of humanity. Don´t you think so?
You have to be stronger to accept that you fouled than to block the best player. People realize we are stronger when we come back to our normal life after some days of disc on the beach.
So let´s stay strong and unite, let´s keep this beautiful communication alive, based on spirit, together.
I thank God and all the saints and princesses that were at Maceió for one more another most incredible Frisbee tournament in my life.”
Mick Mengucci
Mistura Pura
(I supported Mick and bought his album online
(only $8!))

Thanks Mick!
P.S. If anyone has footage of his concert at the opening party please contact Mick via his site.