Tales from the Egyptian beach

This winter in Dahab, a city in Sinai, Egypt, the first Ultimutation – BULA beach ultimate hat co-ed tournament took place. If you missed it, no worries: next year they will be back 🙂
Ultimutation was organized by Russian beach ultimate lovers who couldn’t wait for the sun in Russia. Around 60 players from all around the world joined the tournament. Two days of 4 on 4 games, party with belly dancing, party in Sinai Mountain, warm Red sea, cheep and cozy restaurants with nice food with real Egyptian sheesha (water pipe) and real summer sun on the middle of winter.

Official tournament pictures
Pictures from Jose Pires
From the Ultimutation website:

“It’s been two weeks since the tournament is over… My face, still tanned, hiding under the hood and winter cap, looks strange in cold and grey streets of St. Petersburg.
In my previous article “Open Truth” I shared my views on Ultimutation as I saw it before the tournament, now I’ll try to describe what we got in the end. I won’t be surprised if your point of view differs from mine, so you’re welcome with your stories, impressions and suggestions…” more


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