The Rise of Ugandan Ultimate

Kampala, Uganda is known as the city of Seven Hills. Like many cosmopolitan cities it supports a vibrant ultimate scene on the upswing. This August the Kampala-based Team Uganda will come to WCBU11 as the second African team to compete in international beach competition outside of the continent.
“It has always been my dream to see Uganda ultimate succeed,” Team Uganda captain and founder Alex “Queenie” Matovu, aka Papa, told me via Skype. “In 1995 we only had one disc so when the person with the disc didn’t show up we couldn’t play. But later on my sister brought back some discs from California and in 1999 Jordan from Rwanda moved to Kampala and joined me, Henry and James as locals playing with mostly Brits and Americans. But we wanted to get organized and get more local players so we did.”



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