Ultimap is back!

Old-timers among you may recall the original “Ultimap Locator” hosted at the University of Rochester. This allowed you register yourself (or your team or your favorite playing field or whatever) using a then-state-of-the-art clickable graphic map. You could then search for people by name or by map–great for finding a pickup game on the road (or finding the guy whole stole your cleats at Worlds). Well, sometime in 2002 the scripts that ran the system broke and there was never time to fix them. Now that has changed and someone created the new and improved Ultimap at its own URL: http://www.ultimap.org
It uses Google Maps for the mapping, so the results may actually be geographically meaningful. There are RSS and Google Earth feeds available (see the FAQ).
Anybody wants to start beachultimap.org? BULA will pay for the domain name and hosting…


Hi, Patrick, i can help you if you are intersted. It`s easy and could looks like my Frisbee Blog Map in just a few hours. http://www.frisbeeblog.de/map-3/
greez Ole

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