Watering the seeds…

I love getting emails from people like Edgardo Martinez. Edgardo is a Beach Ultimate tournament director in Colombia. He wrote:

Hello Patrick, I am from Colombia, South America, and I am organizing a beach ultimate tournament in my city Barranquilla. The tournament is going to be next week (24-25 Oct). I just wanted to say that your web page have really help me a lot, specially the pictures. I would love someday to make an international beach tournamento here in colombia, specially that the sport is growing really fast down here. You can visit the tournament web page www.diskologia.com

Apart from the fact that it is great that our work at BULA is helping him, look at his Colombian website and you a great Google map of the beach but also two pictures from Paganello, one from Portugal, one from Boracay. Different pictures to make a complete feeling of the sport. Nice!
Keep up the great work Edgardo!
P.S. If you are in Colombia next week… first time tournaments are always special!


Hello everyone!!! Now you can check out the pictures of the tournament!!!

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