What Happened at Against the Grain 2006?

(by Stacy Hubbard)
The fourth annual Against the Grain beach tourney in Seaside, Oregon went off without a hitch! We had fantastic weather- with no wind to speak of! We had a very competitive field this year, and I think the teams are getting stronger every year. The beach was packed, and people sure enjoyed swimming between games. The backdrop of the mountains is one of me fave parts of the Seaside beach.

The party was a blast. Thanks to Denial for showing up first to start draining the bar! (I know Matt Bell did his part as well) I think people really enjoyed the open bar AND, Tim Stackpole’s DJ abilities. The Elks Lodge was hopping for sure. They love us there! Check this pic out.
We crowned a new champ this year- Congrats go to Sandblasters from Seattle! This team has been all 4 years and has always been a fun addition to the tourney. In the finals they played Portland’s Bikini Killers- a perennial contender. It was an exciting final that went the distance. Thanks so much to all my Whor$hack team mates who helped me pull this off. And, thanks to all of you who continue to support beach ultimate in Oregon. Let me know if you have suggestions for how to make the tourney better next year…See you on the sand, Stacy ‘Daisy’ Hubbard.


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