What’s in the bag of a Beach Ultimate player?

I play Beach Ultimate 2-3 times per week. I don’t want to think about what I need to take each time, so I take everything! Of course the standard shorts, dark and light shirts, a hoodie, and sweatpants, but there is a lot more!
Beer glove – I hate warm beer
Beer opener – Duh!
BULA badge – To give to special people
Cold spray – Sprain anyone?
Cones – Always bring!
Disc – Go figure
Garbage bag – Extremely useful when it starts to rain
Hackysack – Timeout material
Hat & Gloves – It does get cold sometimes
Holy Seat – For those dirty toilet seats
Pen – To help me remember
Powerbar, Dextrose, Gatorade – Anything to help my old body
Sandskins – Like Sandsocks but better
SAS survival guide – I don’t know why
Sunblock – Of course!
Swiss Army knife – Because you never know…
Tabasco (mini) – I like my food spicy
Towel – The sea is always tempting
Visor – Get the sun out
Water battle – For when there is no beer
WFDF Rules – Don’t leave home without them
I think I am covered… 🙂 Or did I forget something?


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