World Games Ultimate excitement

The World Games are held every 4 years and are for sports that just don’t have ‘it’ to be in the Olympics, but are still great sports. Korfball, a sport I grew up with, is one of them and so is (grass) Ultimate.
The 2009 World Games started last week in Chinese Taipei and Ultimate saw it first action today. The weather was hot (30 Celsius at 9:30 AM) and the stadium was filled with 8,000 spectators!
The games were exciting. Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) was better than expected but still lost twice in front of the home crowd. Japan and US both went undefeated with the US slapping gold-hopeful Canada around: 13-6. Australia is looking good and the Brits had a great last effort against Japan, but they were behind too far (5-0 and 9-2) to realistically hope for a miracle. They got to 12-10 but then Japan finished it: 13-10.
The scores on day 1:
Canada – Great Britain: 13-10
Japan – Chinese Taipei: 13-7
United States – Australia: 13-11
Japan – Great Britain: 13-10
Australia – Chinese Taipei: 13-9
Canada – United States: 6-13
If you want to follow the action live, check out the following URL’s and twitter feeds: (seems to air the last day finals etc… Internet Explorer only)
As far as I know, no live TV feeds online. A bit of a dissapointment because after seeing it at the WUGC in Vancouver last summer and I come to expect this, especially from a large event such as the World Games. Perhaps because of (local) commercial interests this is not done? Who knows. All I know is that pressing refresh every 30 seconds is just not optimal 😉


Thanks for the update!!!

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