WorldCup and Ultimate Peace

If you like soccer and the World Cup, you can combine 2 goals together. A great idea from Louis Eisenberg ([email protected]).
As a fundraiser for Ultimate Peace and a way to make the World Cup more exciting she is running a World Cup pool with half of each person’s $20 entry fee going to Ultimate Peace.
If you’re a soccer fan, please join the pool and/or pass along the info to your friends and teammates! The full details are here:
The key points:

  • $20 to enter
  • Half of the money supports a very worthy cause promoting peace in the Middle East: Ultimate Peace
  • The other half of the money goes to the top finishers (winner gets 80%, 2nd place 15%, 3rd place 5%)
  • You can update your picks throughout the tournament
  • To register and for more info, click here and submit your entry fee (PayPal or check) by the night of Thursday, June 10th



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