1st Beach Ultimate tournament on satellite image!

Jose Pires just sent me an email that a new satellite image was taken during the Bar do Peixe tournament in Portugal.
(Also see the Google Earth .kmz link)
You can clearly see the mass of players around the umbrellas, the 2 fields, the players on the fields and the side lines. On field 2 (left mid), the players are on the line, about to start a point!
Could this be the first time that a Beach Ultimate tournament was captured by the big eye above us?


Nice One!
but it can’t have been this year for i don’t remember that “C-M-S” thing on the beach (on the bottom left side), the 2nd field was closer to the dunes, there was no path leading all the way down into the sand and no white umbrellas this year.
the last couple of years i don’t remember a lot, but it was nice!

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