SportVest 2009 with Student Beach Ultimate?

sportsvest.gifIt took me by surprise when I saw the announcement for a Spanish Beach Ultimate tournament promoted by SportsVest 2009. I quickly went to their site and was confused… what is this? It looks like Spring Break for undoubtedly many intoxicated British students. After surfing around the site I was no less confused. Probably because my university years are long gone but there was just too much info to deal with.
So I contacted the person that brought this tournament to my attention. I wanted to know if BULA should be promoting this tournament as I had my doubles. As it turns out, James ‘Chef’ Melzack is an Ultimate player who has a wealth of experience organizing tournaments and who assured me that he always puts players first. He told me that the tournament qualified to be a BULA tournament and that was just what I wanted to hear: enough playing time, SOTG, parties, etc… It should be a great event! 🙂
It will mostly be UK student teams but we hope that perhaps some Spanish, French, or other European student teams will go too. That would make it the first international Student Beach Ultimate tournament in the world!
So if you are a student and want to have some fun in Lloret de Mar, here is your chance: the SportsVest Spain tour (March 28th – April 3rd) includes: 3 days of beach ultimate, 4 nights accommodation, 4 nights of parties, Guest DJ’s Scott Mills, Scratch Perverts & Urban Knights.
Sounds like fun to me… 🙂


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