4-on-4 Beach Ultimate alive and kicking!

Although 5-on-5 Beach Ultimate is still the preferred sport for most players, 4-on-4 Beach Ultimate is still alive and kicking.
It was invented by Florida player Tim Finan in an effort to speed up the game and make it even more spectator friendly. The field is somewhat shorter and a slightly wider than 5-on-5 Beach Ultimate. The stall count is only 6 seconds and an endzone-to-endzone score is worth 2 points (beachultimate.org/4on4rules_short.html).
Wildwood in New Jersey is by far the largest Beach Ultimate tournament in the world, irrespective of the format, and they have 400+ team playing 4-on-4. In Boracay (Philippines), the 4-on-4 game has resulted in them playing the finals at the recent 5-on-5 World Championships of Beach Ultimate (WCBU2011).
In France the 4-on-4 league will go to its 4th season next year and this league keep on growing. Check out the 2011 French cup:


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