WCBU Spirit of the Game – Final standings

Below are the final classifications with regards to the Spirit of the Game at the World Championships.
We would like to remind everyone that a normal game is considered to have good spirit and that would result in 10 points (2 points per category).
We recognize that there is still a need for more education on how to use the system, but we looked at individual scores per game we can say that there were only a few games that had low scores and that the overall Spirit at the WCBU was exemplary.


Any chance at seeing the average score that each team gave out?

  • Interesting to see, that the lowest points were given in the last category (head-to-head-comparison). The majority of the teams judged their own spirit better than that of the opponents. This is quite extreme in the women’s category in which all teams but one scored below 2. In the mixed division the team with the top-spirit got above 2 in all categories but the last meaning that on average the other teams thought that their own spirit was better than that of the team that won the spirit price đŸ™‚
    Maybe we should work a bit on self-reflection.

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