WCBU Spirit of the Game – Final standings

Below are the final classifications with regards to the Spirit of the Game at the World Championships.
We would like to remind everyone that a normal game is considered to have good spirit and that would result in 10 points (2 points per category).
We recognize that there is still a need for more education on how to use the system, but we looked at individual scores per game we can say that there were only a few games that had low scores and that the overall Spirit at the WCBU was exemplary.

World Championships write-ups

The World Championships are over. What an amazing event! We could write a long blog post of all the things that happened but we could never report as eloquently as some others, so here is a list of some links you should check out:
Tony Leonardo’s articles:

Blockstack.TV coverage:


Luke Johnson’s video’s of the finals:

Final standings:

A big thanks goes out to all players, organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and anyone that has made the 2011 World Championships of Beach Ultimate such an amazing success.

World Championships start Sunday!

The 2011 World Championships of Beach Ultimate are ready to go!
LogoWCBU400x400.gifThere will be 14 games(!) broadcasts live, including the exciting opening game between the Italian Open team and the defending silver medalist from the Philippines on Sunday @ 17:00h CEST. Check out the coverage at live.iamultimate.com.
We will also have twitter feeds where you can get up-to-date game results from all 500 games.
Naturally there is a special WCBU2011 Facebook page, a special WCBU YouTube Channel where people can post their own videos, blog entries, as well as the popular online scoring system Ultiorganizer, to keep you even closer to the games and the players.
All links are available at www.wcbu2011.org. Enjoy 🙂
UPDATE: WFDF Press release

World Championship Update

Just a quick update on the WCBU: It is going fast… 🙂
Lots of countries already signed up. Fifteen Mixed, twelve countries in Open, eight in Women, and nine in Masters. Plus still potential to get the Grandmasters and Mixed masters filled up with 6 countries per division.
Many more countries are getting close to signing up too. Most of the power houses have signed up. We are still missing countries such as France, Brazil, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Hungary, Denmark, South Africa, Latvia, Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela but they are all working on it.
Furthermore some new countries such as Uganda and United Arab Emirates are trying to get enough players and might really be present. That would be sweet!
We are working with Ultimate Peace to get some players from the Middle east: Arab Israelis, Palestinians from the West Bank, and Jewish Israelis.
In the meantime on the sponsorship side things are moving forward well. Discraft and Flashflight were the first two to sign up. Plus we have lots of other good conversations, broadcast interest, and much more.
On the ground things the local organizing committee is doing a great job getting the city of Lignano involved and getting the best deals for the players.
It is lots of work but we feel the excitement building and that makes us all very excited!
Can’t wait to see you on the beach!