Beach Ultimate in Los Angeles

Last week I mentioned that Beach Ultimate in the US will have its own group of people organizing and growing the sport. Now I found out that the LA beach league has become the favorite league in Los Angeles.
People all year round say that they love the league and can’t wait for it to start up again. In fact, players biggest complaint is that the league is too short! The organizers squeeze it in between the fall series and Christmas when everyone gets busy.
Last year they had 18 teams, and it was a fun and exciting season. This year they are adding a youth league. I’m guessing that the league is going to grow enormously. Luckily, they have a giant beach in Santa Monica 🙂
In preparation for the masses, they are having two clinic days. One on Aug 1st and the other a few weeks before the league. The clinics will be separated for women, youth and men.
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