Beach Ultimate off the beaten beach

I just finished a great trip: Beach Ultimate in Kilyos (Turkey) followed by Beach Ultimate in Odessa (Ukraine) and then Kiev. Wonderful!
In Kilyos I visited the BULA BUTT with Jonathan Potts, the WFDF President. In terms of the number of teams, it was not a success. However, I know that a seed was planted and that our visit was good for the growth of the sport in Turkey.
The people that were there were wonderful and extremely hospitable. Levent Akis is a great organizer who can get things done. He has an Ultimate video clip in Turkish cinema’s, he introduced us to the heads of the Turkish Olympic Committee, we taught kids the game in a football stadium, etc… Together with the local Ultimate community of about 100 players who do other promotions, Turkey can expect some good growth these coming years.
Next stop: Odessa (Ukraine). Again, the hospitality of Beach Ultimate players is amazing. Ivan, a young local talent, showed me around the city, and I attended several trainings on the local beaches. Great city, great people, great food. Loved every minute of it.
Last stop: Kiev Hat Tournament. Or better Kiev HOT tournament. Pfew! Between 35-40 degrees Celsius every day. But what a great tournament! Kiev has some of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. The beach where we played is on a river bank with a great view of the city. You have to cross the river in small row boats that take a maximum of six people. Great level of play, two divisions with 16 teams each. Dima did a great organization and arranged 15 minutes of rain just before an exciting finals started. You can’t get any better.
Beach Ultimate is growing… that is for sure. Take advantage of it! Visit new places, meet new people, and make new friendships while laying out on the beach! Life is short and Beach Ultimate is amazing!


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